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11.12.13 INTAR 250 Holiday Bash 12.11.16 INTAR Roots & New Music Festival 2012 (Day 2) (537)_2 click on images to enlargeAGF3  0315B&W

Guitarist-composer Cristian Amigo straddles the contemporary-classical, improv and rock worlds; no wonder he calls his Kingdom of Jones a “new music jam-band.” During any given performance, Messiaen grapples with Led Zeppelin while Perez Prado teaches Stravinsky to mambo.”
“Cristian Amigo [Kingdom of Jones CD] has created the equivalent to a walk through Grand Central Station, where every imaginable sort of person may be walking by you. It is music that goes from point A to point B in a non-direct route through all kinds of geometric thickets. It is music that can be heard profitably many times because it is born of a complex aural orientation. It is not written out, apparently, as much as it is performed and assembled. What makes this recording worth hearing is that every piece in the puzzle somehow fits the whole and every piece has intrinsic interest as music. There are quiet sections of dreamy contemplation. There are toe-tapping grooves, some psychedelic rock moments, sprawling but brief soundscapes, and some really interesting guitar work. Amigo makes music here that expresses a something that might not be defined in words to good advantage. It is the multiplicity of the modern experience.”
“ I kind of hate myself for digging this abrasive clatter [War is Good for Business] because it’s galaxies away from my Beatles- and Beethoven-forged sense of composition. But it rocks real hard against its orchestra of bloops and bleeps, and then breaks down to a mournful sound collage. A great theme for Halliburton’s symphony of opportunism.
“Cristian Amigo is an excellent creative artist, guitarist and composer whose works reflect his concern with tradition and innovation in creative music in America.”
– WADADA LEO SMITH (AACM composer/trumpeter)
 “I am listening to Kingdom of Jones…really beautiful stuff-nice landscapes-I’m really enjoying this.
– MATTHEW SHIPP (composer/pianist)
“[A]defiant sound world of freedom [Kingdom of Jones]”
– PHILIP BLACKBURN (composer/producer)
[Kingdom of Jones] is…wonderfully rangy and atmospheric.”
– MARK ADAMO (opera composer)
“This [LA Live Sessions/Vol. 1] is new music full of passion and simpatico among the players. These fine musicians are very sensitive and supportive as they listen to and help each other. Together, they achieve an overall sound that defies category.”
– jazz guitarist KENNY BURRELL
“…your songs [points of departure], with their sadness, have beauty.”
SUSANA BACA (Afro-Peruvian singer, folklorist)
“There are some striking moments [SQ No. 1] and what a propulsive, colorful performance by the Jack Quartet!”
“…it [String Quartet No. 1] is lovely stuff.”
“Terrific music [Nylons opera]”
– Pulitzer and Academy award-winning composer  JOHN CORIGLIANO
“That music is out! [Kingdom of Jones]”
– film composer TYLER BATES (the 300)
“Your track [war is good for business from Kingdom of Jones] is fantastic.”
“The guitar playing on there [KOJ] is off the charts.”
-TV/film composer JIM LANG (“Hey Arnold” – loved that cartoon-CA)
“Your music has legs.”
-American composer BYRON ADAMS
“I am really enjoying your CD [KOJ]”
DAVID GANS – “Dead to the World”  KPFA 94.1 in Berkeley
You [Amigo] are a Segoviarockero!”
-California Poet Laureate JUAN FELIPE HERRERA
“He [Amigo] sucks!”
-guitarist STEVE LUKATHER of Toto

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