KINGDOM OF JONES (Innova Recordings 2008)

Kingdom of Jones: Cristian Amigo

Cristian Amigo

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1.  kingdom of jones (4:26)

2.  deathvariations l (1:35)

3.  queens (1:54)

4.  guitar gestures l (7:29)

5. poplicola (2:31)

6. rosmersholm (4:10)

7. war is good for business (2:58)

8.  soldados/soldiers:  (12:50)

            i. deathvariations ll,   ii.surge,

            iii. Saigon, Baghdad, Tehran, etc.,

            iv. history (azúcar), v. innocents

9.   maya (3:24)

10. bike spoke pianos (4:53)

11. guitar gestures ll (tiple) (9:58)

12. bomber goes home instead (8:13)

13. oración para la caida del sol (1:56)

Confederates dubbed the city of Ellisville, Mississippi the “Kingdom of Jones “ during the American Civil War (1861 – 1865). The Kingdom of Jones or  “Free and Sovereign State of Jones” was an anti-secessionist Union stronghold in the midst of the Confederacy.


Kingdom of Jones is a series of my recorded (not-notated) compositions from 2006-2007. My friends/

collaborators provided sparks. A John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship provided the wonder year, digital space, rice and beans, and espressos. The Brooklyn Philharmonic provided the analog music space. Philip Blackburn provided the idea (and samples), and innova Recordings, the context and opportunity.  This recording is supported in part by a grant from the New York State Music Fund established by the New York State Attorney General at Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors.

That music should have some mystery in it remains an ideal and hope of mine. The metaphor/simile/symbol is just a way in.  Please be patient. There are many little and larger things to notice. Some things sound like pop, most don’t. It turns out there is music for everyone.

I would like this music to mix with the listener’s life in different ways. Insert the sounds into different parts of your day, and in different environments. Listen in smaller and larger segments, use as foreground and background, and as a personal film score—also use it in your own work (but share the wealth). Mix up the playlist for different experiences. Don’t try listening to it all at one sitting, unless you are driving in a hybrid….that may be the best way to hear the whole.

There are three principal sections: 1. tracks 1-6 (NYC), 2. tracks 7-9 (War). 3. Tracks 10-13 (Outro).

Some non-loud sounds rely on low frequency vibrations, so play soft things loud.  As much as possible, I like music to resemble life and nature. Even though much of the music on Kingdom of Jones is abstract, I still seek these connections—it is something about being honest and being, which I think are most important human and artistic qualities.

Thanks to: all the participating artists, innova Recordings, Philip Blackburn, American Composers Forum, John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, Brooklyn Philharmonic, Meet the Composer, The New York State Music Fund and Governor Eliot Spitzer, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, New York Foundation for the Arts, College of Staten Island (CUNY) Foundation, Oslo Elsewhere, INTAR, Teatro del Pueblo, Danish Arts Council, Yale Institute of Sacred Music, and the Danish Intuitive Music Conference (all of you).

Special thanks to: Dana Whitco, Margarita and Raul Amigo, Susana Amigo-Deal and Brad Deal, Kristen Deal, Rachel Deal, Alison Farias, Carole and Bob Papper, Rene and Ellen and Katie Papper, Heather Hitchens, Michael Shugrue, Dick Truitt, Vanessa Whang, Margie Lempert, G. Thomas Tanselle, Edward Hirsch, Alain and Dominique and Celia Bergé, Guy Kaye, Michael John Garcés, Ron Daniels, Michael Christie, Greg Pierson,

Steven Lankenau, Sarah Cameron Sunde, Anna Guttormsgaard, Timothy Douglas, Corey Dargel, Randall Woolf, David Lawson, Kathleen Supové, Guillermo Cardenas, Fred Ho, Nikos Brisco, Ruth Margraff, Jill Sigman, Alice Tuan, Whit McLaughlin, Tony Seeger, Tara Browner, Susan McClary, Jacqueline DjeDje, Jessica Irish and V., Peter Golub, Theodore Wiprud, Ed Barguiarena, Renato Rosaldo, George Yúdice, Juan Felipe Herrera, Kristin Page Stuart, Ed Harsh, Emily Pinkerton, Fr. John P. McGuire, John Shibley, Fio and Edie, and many more. Thank you!

Thank you for listening with me.

— Cristian,     New York City, June 10, 2007

1.  kingdom of jones (4:26)

2.  deathvariations l (1:35)

3.  queens (1:54)

4.  guitar gestures l (7:29)_ Guillermo Cardenas (percussion)

5. poplicola (2:31)

6. rosmersholm (4:10)

7. war is good for business (2:58)_ Alain Bergé (drums and production), Randy Woolf (turntable), Guy Kaye (synth/filters).

8. soldados/soldiers: i. deathvariations ll, ii.surge, iii. Saigon, Baghdad, Tehran, etc.,  iv. history (azúcar), v. innocents (12:50)_                                            Wojciech  Kosma(samples), Philip Blackburn (samples), Jeff Schwartz (upright bass), David Martinelli (drums), Andy Connell (clarinet), Robert Reigle (alto sax), Jonathan Grasse (electric guitar), Ric Oquita (lyrics and voice), Dolores Difarnecio (voice), Chusma (voice), Guillermo Cardenas (percussion). Manoocher Sadeghi (santur).  NYC voices and places. This piece contains substantive remixed portions of music produced/composed by Philip Blackburn and Wojciech Kosma.

9.   maya (3:24)

10. bike spoke pianos (4:53)

11. guitar gestures ll (tiple) (9:58)

12. bomber goes home instead (8:13)_ Guillermo Cardenas (percussion), Nikos Brisco (second guitar, Tibetan prayer bowl), Wojciech Kosma (samples). This piece contains remixed portions of music produced/composed by Wojciech Kosma.

13. oración para la caida del sol (1:56) Michael John Garcés (lyrics)

All music published by nono/nona music (BMI) © 2007

innova is supported by an endowment from the McKnight Foundation.

Philip Blackburn, Director

Chris Campbell, Operations Manager

Cristian Amigo: acoustic guitars, electric guitars, lap steel, prepared tiple, pianos, synthesizers, beats, loops, processes, programming, soda cans and miscellaneous percussion, soundscapes, voice, lyrics.

Composed, performed, and produced by Cristian Amigo

Co-produced and mixed by Ogima

Mastered by Jody Elff

Artwork: Jessica Irish

Other CDs by Amigo:

LA Live Sessions/Vol. 1 (Big As Records)

Music for Film and Theatre (Trotsky)

Speak (Big As Records)

Scores (and parts) Available:

Brooklyn Dancing For Orchestra (2007)

ABC identity songs (piano, clarinet, violin, percussion) (2007)

String Quartet No. 1 (2006-2007)

Energy, Impressions of (cello, acoustic guitar, electronics)(2006)

Song Suite from Points of Departure (alto, guitar, choir) (2006)

Monk Sketches (electric quartet) (2005)


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