KLON KTR ($269) or JOYO SWEET BABY ($30)

Using a Les Paul into the clean channel of a Fender Super Champ XD,  this four gain stage sounds awesome, but in terms of standalone….. The $30 Sweet Baby sounds warm and transparent in low overdrive settings that get you into Rolling Stone rhythm territory, and if you can’t roll your volume all the way up on your 40W Fender amp, the SW is a good way to go at lower decibels. You can leave it on and forget about it. For this-type of tone coloring, I prefer the Sweet Baby over the $268 KLON!! The touch sensitivity and warmth of the SW are something else.  

WHAT!!! The Klon however is an awesome tool, and sounds great in the way most guitarists use it as a transparent boost with the gain at zero or a bit above. By itself the Klon sounds a bit hard to me and loses touch sensitivity real fast when you roll up the gain. But me,  I’m always seeking the most touch sensitive set-up possible. 

However, stacking between the SW, the Klon, the Empress fuzz, and the eq, yields a lot of different high quality sounds–like you’re ready to be a studio guitarist–if that profession still existed. 

I wouldn’t have guessed I’d chose the SW if I hadn’t bought the Klon. I just assumed that the awesome sound I was already getting with the SW could be topped for more (almost 10 times more) bucks. I was wrong. You have to trust your ear more than the gear. Lesson learned. 


About Cristian Amigo

NYC blues-jazz guitarist/composer/producer/educator/visual artist/papa. Composer-In-Residence @ INTAR Latino Theatre (NYC).
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