Incoming Fall Gigs and…


Some of the beautiful projects coming my way in the fall and winter of 2013-14.

Collaborations with: 1. Renato Rosaldo and Gustavo Aguilar on opera The Balinese Cockfight, 2. w/Kevin Mambo (Fela of Fela fame) on his upcoming CD, 3. music directing/composing w/Daphne Rubin Vega on her one-woman show., 4. w/Elliot Sharp @ The Stone., 5., w/Conjure Music Collective TBA., 6. recordings and concerts w/Patrick Grant and Tilted Axes., 7. Recordings and gigs with Gotham Roots Orchestra., 8. gigs w/Kingdom of Jones., 9. w/playwright Migdalia Cruz & DaNiel Jaquez on top secret Fellini project., 10. relaease of Kingdom of Jones II CD., 11. commission for a piece for Newspeak., 12., INTAR ROOTS & NEW MUSIC FESTIVAL., 13. release of a duo CD w/Gustavo Aguilar., 14. projects w/Marios Aristopoulos in Hell’s Music Kitchen Group,  + more!!!  Holy crow I’m tired already. Will I ever get paid? Perhaps in whiteface.


About Cristian Amigo

NYC blues-jazz guitarist/composer/producer/educator/visual artist/papa. Composer-In-Residence @ INTAR Latino Theatre (NYC).
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