The Gotham Roots Orchestra @ Hill Country Live on Sat, March 16


ImageHill Country Live Presents

Gotham Roots Orchestra

Sat, March 16, 2013 – 9:00 pm

Hill Country/New York, NY


For dinner reservations, call 212 255-4544 and ask to be seated near the band on the Club level.

Gotham Roots Orchestra

Gotham Roots Orchestra

The bilingual Americana/blues GOTHAM ROOTS ORCHESTRA (GRO), New York City music veteranos, use American roots musics, bad-ass guitars, and ready-to-stomp beats as a reference point for their chingón sound. Featuring anti-stupid songs about regular folks, dogs, comadres, veterans, black coffee, villains, capitalists, heroes, La Migra, repo men, SEX of course, and the NOW Americano life.

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About Cristian Amigo

NYC blues-jazz guitarist/composer/producer/educator/visual artist/papa. Composer-In-Residence @ INTAR Latino Theatre (NYC).
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