Amigo, what kind of music do you play and write?

A mentor/colleague recently asked me to describe what kind of music I write and play, and I was once again at a loss about how to answer this seemingly simply question.

So here is my first attempt:

I recently took a year off from composing electro-acoustic chamber music in order to concentrate on two distinct creative paths.

The first was the writing of music and texts for my song collection 150 Americana Songs, some of which I perform (as singer and guitarist) with my Americana/Blues band The Gotham Roots Orchestra. This collection is now complete and in the process of being edited and recorded. I have found renewed  joy in performing the types of music that interested me in music in the first place, and that features the voice,  and electric and acoustic guitars.

The second path centers on instrumental music performance as an electric and acoustic guitarist, and the projection of this music  as a composer-improviser in live and recorded contexts. I think of this music as more self-consciously avant-garde (aka “art music”) and abstract than my work with songs, although there are many overlaps in sound and concept including the development of two full length operas.  I have recorded many hours of  compositions and performances (with some of my musical idols and heroes) in this vein, including an in-the-can studio solo album for possible release in early 2013 under the working title The Buzzy Garden; and I have been fortunate to frequently work with many artists whose talents elevate my own beyond what I thought was possible. My growth in technique, insight, and projection continue as I approach four decades of professional music-making.

I hope this helps.




About Cristian Amigo

blues-jazz guitarist/composer/producer/educator/visual artist/papa
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