100 Americana Songs + 50 More (2010 -2012). Music and English lyrics w/additional lyricists.

Heart Sutra (2012).  Any instrumental combination, plus chanting.

The Buzzy Garden (2012). nono/nona Recordings. Full-length studio recording.

Notes on the Balinese Cockfight (2012 -). W/librettist Renato Rosaldo, and composer Gustavo Aguilar. Opera in progress.

Amigo/Aguilar Duo (2012). nono/nona Recordings. Studio session recording.

Amigo/Miguel Frasconi Duo (2012). nono/nona Recordings. Studio session recording.

Cristian Amigo and Blaise Siwula Live (2012). Live recording.

Cristian Amigo and Gustavo Aguilar Live. (2012) Live recording.

Oink! Oink! (2011). Any instrumental combination.

Wild Music For Drums And Electric Guitar (2011).

Moving Through Systems. (2011) Score. Any instrumental combination.

Cristian Amigo and Dom Minasi Live (2012). Live recording.

Three Truths (2011) A play by Naomi Izuka. Music and songs.

The UMF Book of Notations (2011). Any instrumental combination.

Textures Generated by Random Integers (2011). For any instrumental combination.

(outsidein) Guitar Quartet No. 1 (2011).

Right Here, Right Now (2011). Score. Symbolic and metaphoric notation.

Testosterone Jam (2011). Can a chamber group really rock?

A Bad Time To Be A Fish (2012). nono/nona Recordings. Music, video, environmental installation, giant puppets.

The Gotham Roots Orchestra (2012).  nono/nona Recordings. Studio sessions. Americana Blues/Roots music.

Trombones of Doom (2011). Trombone quartet. Resonance and power.

Solo or Group Event No. 1 (2011). Score. Any combination.  Almost serial specificity.

CCR Music (2011). Any instrumental combination. Spatial notation.

Western Spaces (2011).  Americana, operatic song trio w/librettist Royce Vavrek.

7 for solo piano (for Jenny Lin) (2011). Symbolic and traditional notation. Swarms and groups of sound.

Nu Gro #2: Apocalyptic Garden Party (2011). music and live performance. With jill sigman / thinkdance and Miguel Frasconi.

The MOMA Yellow Notebook (2011). Score. Various small compositions.

Cosmicomics #1 (2011). Clarinet, cello, and electric guitar.

for/4guitars (2011). Electric guitar quartet.

The NYFA Collection: 25 Years of New York New Music (2010).  innova Recordings/NAXOS. Five CD anthology and five  single CD releases). Producer.

Clementine in the Lower Ninth (2009). A play by Brad Dietz. Music and songs.

Supove Piano Clusters (2009). Piano and percussion.

Picasso: Payaso (2008 – ). W/Librettist Alejandro Vallega.

String Quartet No. 2/Ambiguous Dog (2008). My take on American musical identity.

Kingdom of Jones (2008). innova Recordings. Solo studio recording.

Dos/Two: Fieldnotes (2008). BA Records. South American traditional music.

Minotaur (2008). A play by David Anzuelo. Music and songs.

Nylons (2008. ). W/librettist Emily Conbere. One-act opera.

Killing Play (2007). A play by David Anzuelo. Music and songs.

ABC Identity Songs (2007). For piano, violin, clarinet, and 2 percussionists.

Brooklyn Dances for Orchestra (2007). Orchestral suite

Songs from a Socialist Cabaret (2007). Cabaret songs.

Songs from José (2007). Music and songs

Salsalandia (2007). A children’s musical by Juan Felipe Herrera.

String Quartet No. 1 (2007). On violence.

Ten One-Minute Pieces (2007). Any inst. combination. Instruction pieces.

Swoony Planet (2006).  A play by Han Ong. Music and songs.

Rosmersholm (2006). A play by Henrik Ibsen. Music.

deathvariations (2006). A play by Jon Fosse. Music.

Monk Sketches (2006). Twelve instrumental song pieces for electric quartet.

Echoes of Latin America (2006). A play by Ric Oquita. Music and songs.

Routes of Folklore (2006). Instrumental song suite of Latin American forms.

Points of Departure (2006). A play by Michael John Garcés. Music and songs.

Impressions of Energy (2005). Cello and guitar.

Cristian Amigo: Live LA Sessions (2005). BA Records.

Monk Sketches (2005). Instrumental song suite.

Grace (2005). A play by Craig Wright. Music.

Soldados (2004).  Score.

Thunderweavers (2003), A play by Juan Felipe Herrera. Music.

The Upside Down Boy (2003).  A children’s opera by Juan Felipe Herrera. Music.

Folklore Neoyorquino (2002). Instrumental song suite of Latin American forms.

Time, Emit Time (2001). For dancers, voices and electronics.

Sin Azul (2000). A short film by Carlos Prieto. Film score.

(3) Film Shorts (1999).  Film scores.

Overstay (1997). A film by Ann Kaneko. Film score.

Essence (1998).  BA Records

35 Miles From Normal (1997).  A film by Mark Schwahn. Film score.

SPEAK (1997). BA Records


About Cristian Amigo

NYC blues-jazz guitarist/composer/producer/educator/visual artist/papa. Composer-In-Residence @ INTAR Latino Theatre (NYC).
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